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a simple DIY project for photographers

I have wished for years that my background stand had two bars so I could have 2 rolls of seamless paper up at one time without having to install a wall mounted roller system.  For me, it is kind of awkward to change rolls during a session because of the limited space due to a small studio room and lots of equipment, plus I don’t want to knock my client out with one.  So, I came up with this simple & inexpensive solution that you can travel with too.

Waynesville Newborn Photographer

You can also clip blankets or vinyl backdrops to the add-on bar.


It is just a PVC pipe that is 60″ long. My husband drilled holes about 1/2″ from each end (in the same spot on each side). I used 2 pieces of lightweight chain (10-12″ each) and 2 small carabiner clips to hang the PVC from each side of my backdrop.  This allows a 2nd roll to hang below the roll that is on the stand’s main bar.

My carabiner clips are kind of small and I would like to switch them out to something a little bigger so it is easier to change.  Also, I would like to replace the chain with poly-coated chain so it won’t make the metal-to-metal scratchy noise.   What I have now works fine, but after trial and error, I think I may make these minor changes.

Since I took these photos, I have cut the chain down to 10″ so there is not excess chain hanging down.   Also, I would NOT recommend doing this with the 107″ rolls. They are too heavy.

Hope this helps someone!

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