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I am Erin, a proud wife, and a mother to three amazing little ones & two crazy pooches.  I was born and raised in sunny Southern California.  I am a California Girl to the core.  We lived in California up until 2012 when we moved to Central Missouri.  Let me just say that Missouri is totally different than Southern California.  There are no beaches, it has crazy inconsistent weather; and you can’t comfortably wear flip-flops all year long.  In June 2014 we headed even further east to Northern Virginia.  I am excited to have a beach nearby again.  I dream of days where I can relax on the beach with my iced coffee and a good book.  My flip-flops are pretty happy too.

Another thing I love and dream about is photography, but that is probably pretty obvious.  Growing up, I would spend hours every day looking at photos of people, even people I didn’t know.  I never took a photography class in school because it didn’t fit into my schedule but I always wished I had.  Maybe if I had, I would have never got that Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting.  I held a career in accounting for 15 years but accounting never offered me the creative outlet that I need in my life.

In 2006, I purchased my first ‘fancy’ camera and spent countless hours online learning and practicing on my children.  I established Erin Alfaro Photography in 2009 and for 3 years I worked as an Accountant and a Photographer.  In 2012 I hung up my first career so I could spend more time at home and focus on my incredible family.

Over the years, I have photographed just about everything, but in the last year I have realized where my passion lies and that is with the little ones.  With that realization, I decided to specialize in newborns, baby, and child photography.  That decision resulted in the birth of a more playful business brand, Curly Q Photography.

It sounds so cliche but children do grow up so incredibly fast.  It is my mission to get those moments documented for you because before you know it, your little ones won’t be so little.

Thank you for stopping by.  Grab a cup of coffee, kick off your flip-flops, and stay awhile.


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